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As our dog, Kerry, is a part of the family, would you mind to be waken every morning by her wet smelly good-morning kiss/lick?


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note: Jasna usually leaves the house before 5:30


We are sure that you would like to see and learn more about your new holiday place, Bled -> would you prefer to have


Would you like to meet more crazy Slovenians?


Would you mind every day listening to Rok's loud guitar playing?


Have you always wanted to be the star in the video/film, but no one discovered you yet?


Would you execute any punishment/challenge you get?


Do you think you can prepare the best pasta ever -> and even transfer, pasta-hating ppl to love them?


When talking pasta -> can you survive without pasta for a longer period of time?


With who are you planning to come?


Your favorite drink is?


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